At Kernow Creative, we're proud to be able to support local organisations, communities & individuals with various different projects, and because of this, we've been able to branch out to a wider range of services.

If we can help, you, get in touch today!

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We're proud to be supporting YoungMinds with their charity fundraising.
All donations to the charity are greatly appreciated, as it allows funding to help our younger generation.

Find the links below, to donate.

Our Services

Website Development

Looking for a brand-new website for your project/business?
We may be able to help you!

Website Development

What service do we provide?

Website Design

Designed in Photoshop or Bootstrap Studio

If you're just looking for a website design, we can go down one of two routes for this, we can design your website in Adobe Photoshop or by using Bootstrap Studio, or using both methods if required.

Base HTML Coding

HTML, CSS, JS scripts where needed.

We're able to provide the HTML coding for any design that we've been tasked with creating, you'll be sent the files via secure transfer methods, i.e - wetransfer and credits will be required to remain on the website files.

Converted Code

HTML - PHP with CSS, JS and any other scripts needed.

If requested, we can convert the code to a PHP version, that works along side already implemented systems, for this, we will require access to your current website files to work on this.

Additional Pages

We charge per additional page.

Requiring additional pages once the project has been completed?
We provide this service, but at a slightly increased cost to yourself.
If this is something you need, please contact us.

Our past work!

See what we've been able to do in the past.
Our Services

How can we help?

If you're interested in our services, we'd love to offer our assistance where possible. Please get in touch via our Contact form, and we'll try and work out what's best from there.

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Kernow Creative would love the opportunity to help out your community/organisation.
All we need you to do is get in touch with us, using the Contact page, and it's all down hill from there.

We're always up for a challenge, and would be happy to look into any projects given to us.
Please refer to our Price List before making any bookings.

*If we can't assist you, there's no charge for the service(s) if we have provided any.
*Please also note, we do not accept time wasters, please only book us if you intend to use our service(s).